Landscape Design

Since 1983, Accent on Landscape is dedicated to providing quality outdoor environments that reflect the individual needs and creative visions of each client. A well-designed landscape plan enhances a home's appearance and the enjoyment and usefulness of the property for the homeowner. As a full service licensed contrator, Accent On Landscape can incorporate all of the elements - hardscaping, water, lighting, and plantings to get the most from your property and landscape budget.

Water Gardens

Accent on Landscape specializes in creating natural-setting water gardens. Imagine playful water falls and gently bubbling streams surrounded by lush plantings and aged boulders. Submerged and floating flowering lilies, marginal and bog plants, share the sparkling water garden with colorful fish. You are surrounded by texture, color, gentle sounds and wonderful fragrances. We specialize in turning this dream water garden into a reality.  For those that do not want the pond but desire the look and sound of a natural waterfall we can install a pondless system. Through research and experience, we have chosen a system that will ensure that your water garden will work with little maintenance, and not work you.
Accent on Landscape is dedicated to preparing a water feature design for you that:
  • Is attractive, natural looking and fits into your individual landscaping  plans.
  • Is low maintenance and long lasting.
  • Will increase in beauty over time.
  • Will increase in value as it increases in beauty.
As you begin to think about adding a water feature to your landscaping, here are brief descriptions of the 5 components essential to a successful water garden.
  1. Biofalls   Creates an elevated level for your waterfall, filters the water, and provides a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize.
  2. Skimmer    Filters floating and other debris, protects  the water pump, and provides additional area for bacteria
  3. Fish   Keep plantings from becoming overgrown, provides fertilizer, adds color and motion, and an avenue for interaction with your water garden.  They will become your pets.
  4. Plants  Remove nitrogen from the water, release oxygen, provide food and shelter for fish, and add color, texture and fragrance.
  5. River rock   Makes the water garden natural looking, provides a place for the beneficial bacteria to colonize, protects the water garden liner, and provides a place for fish and other creatures to root around and hide.

Accent on Landscape artfully combines all of these elements in producing a beautiful, natural-setting water garden.  Call today to set up your water garden planning appointment.

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Landscape Lighting

Dear homeowner, thank you for the opportunity to design a lighting portrait for your home. Quality outdoor lighting is an important investment that can add value, safety, drama, and enjoyment to your home, when done correctly.
Here are a few important facts to keep in mind as you consider outfoor lighting
  1. Most outdoor lighting equipment is under warranty for 1 to 3 years. Many products installed by Accent on Landscape are covered by a lifetime warranty.  We are certified by the National Institute for Landscape Lighting and use the latest technology and products, including LED products.
  2.  Most outdoor lighting installers accent the sidewalks and driveways with path lights giving an airport runway appearance and leaving the home in darkness.  Accent on Landscape provides a creative lighting solution to not only provide safety but to highlight the beautiful aspects of your property.  We plan our lighting to hide the light source and highlight an area. We utilize many techniques – up lighting, down lighting, silhouette shadow, cross, and graze lighting, various filters, beam spreads, and wattages to achieve the perfect result.
  3.  Many lighting installers lack the knowledge and training to correctly design and install an outdoor lighting system. Correct and even voltage to each fixture and load limits that are within safety standards are crucial factors in quality lighting design and installation.
  4.  Accent on Landscape will demonstrate a night lighting plan with a temporary light installation.  This will give you the opportunity to understand the different lights and techniques that will be installed, to evaluate and make changes as needed, and to be satisfied with a final installation. Converting your home and landscape into your own personal resort through a quality, creative lighting plan will add to the enjoyment of your home for years to come. Thank you for considering Accent on Landscape for this project.
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Patios, Walkways, and Outdoor Living Areas

An outdoor living area is an extension of the inside of your house where you can relax, entertain, and or cook all at the same time.  If your backyard is too shady or damp to maintain a lawn, then a patio transforms this once unusable space into a welcoming retreat.  In planning the installation of a patio, multitudes of different materials, colors, and textures are available. Your budget will play a major part in what you choose, but remember to choose a style that fits in with your total landscape plan. Picture how wonderful your patio will look from both inside your home and from the street.

Patio Materials

Pavers are the most popular trend in backyard patios. Because pavers are individual units or "bricks," the natural joints between each paver will "give" with pressure and expansion. A professional paver installation will give you years of enjoyment.   Paving Stones come in a wide variety of surface finishes, colors and shapes that will complement and enhance the architectural style of any home. Your only limitation is your imagination as you can combine many of these options in one patio to create a work of art. This choice is less expensive than natural stone, but more expensive than concrete. Not sure on shape and size? No problem.  Accent On Landscape will guide you in the design of the perfect outdoor living space.
Flagstone is a natural product and its natural beauty makes an elegant addition to your Southern home. The term "flagstone," like the term "fieldstone," is a generic term used to describe any type of stone that is relatively flat. One thing to be aware of is that it is sometimes difficult to achieve a perfectly smooth floor surface. It is also among the most expensive materials to use. A more economical approach is the use of fractured pieces to create a mosaic look for less cost than whole flagstone pieces. We use the finest flagstone available to complement your residence.
Whether you are looking for a simple outdoor dining area or if you wish to create a backyard paradise, Accent On Landscape can design and build the patio to fit your needs and budget. Our highly trained staff encourages homeowners to get involved and be creative when planning their outdoor project. Every patio is designed keeping your individual requirements in mind, while at the same time offering you a low maintenance alternative for outdoor enjoyment.

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Retaining Walls

Whether for functions or aesthetics, a well designed and installed retaining wall will add much to your landscape. Belgard, Keystone, Rockwood, and natural stone are a few of the products that offer a wide palette of colors, size, and texture to ensure the perfect fit for your project.

Drainage Solutions

French drains, re-grading, and downspout extension are some of the solutions that Accent On Landscape can offer to remedy your water problem.